Friday, September 21, 2012

Simms Sticker Madness Giveaway (w/Bonus Trucker Cap)

It's been one of those weeks. It started out awesome, Sunday on a Tennessee tailwater chock full of trout with Marc and Mike, which will be the subject of Monday's post. But then it quickly fell into the abyss of work and more work; not many opportunities for writing I'm afraid.

So, in lieu of constructing something new for you to read, I've decided to unload my collection of Simms stickers sent to me by those lovable, hugable jesters in Bozeman, MT.

But wait, there's more.

I also received a stylish Simms trucker cap that would be a fine addition to my hat collection save for the fact that my hair abandoned ship two score years ago and that mesh doesn't provide enough protection from the sun's rays. I am assured by Rich Hohne that all Simms caps come with a double helping of angling mojo.

"Sure looks like a trout, but it don't smell like one"

Want this stuff? Leave a comment below. On Monday I'll random number generate a winner.


  1. I'd love one of those stickers for my new fishing truck (except maybe the American flag one - no offence intended, but that would raise a few eyebrows up here in Canada).

  2. Put me on the list.
    From Montana so I'll sport the flag.

  3. I'd love some of that cool stuff. But honestly, I'm really waiting for the Monday report!!

  4. I don't have a cool screen name or anything but I do follow your blog and would rock those stickers and cap like nobody's buidness!!!! Then you would know who I am next time you see me on the Farmy and maybe I could buy you a nice cold BLUE RIBBON eh ????

  5. Steve, I'll have to say that I have been reading your posts for awhile via RSS. I, however, have not posted a comment yet. I do have to say that I enjoy your posts and may, someday, get my "writers block" out of the way and produce some reading materials of my own. Thanks for the good topics, writing, and links to Johny Cash. Oh yeah, and great pictures to go along with that writing.

  6. Maybe that cool Montana stuff will help with the heat down here in Georgia. At least I can think about being there.

  7. I don't get that wedding sticker -- warm feet since I met her. But I'd be happy to put any of the others on the truck, or the hat on my noggin. Thanks for the chance!

  8. I could use any extra mojo these days...count me in.

  9. Replies
    1. We have a winner! The random number generator picked #10.

  10. No lab snot on my hat please.
    The Pointer Guy

    Ok, I confess, I really love labs too!

  11. I can never turn my back on more MT mojo! Always enjoy reading.

  12. Throw my hat in the ring - or ring for the hat, however it works.

  13. Don't you have any Scott or Echo stickers....? he he