Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy Swedes

If you haven't run into the frontsidefly guys yet you're likely one of those folks who actually fish more than you surf the web. Not me. I'm willing to invest in quality web surfing on your behalf.

They're a bunch of energetic, hooting and howling, fly fishing Swedes who may seem a little loopy and have an affinity for video.

Their videos always feature someone fishing energetically and, when a fish is hooked, hooting like a deranged Swede. Though, truth be told the behavior is so strange I thought they were Norwegian.

Like you, I saw them featured in an article in the thisisfly this month. If you thought the article was a bit strange, wait till you see the video. The folks over on OrvisNews shared the video below last Friday.

The Mayfly god - (frontsidefly and this is fly) from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Full Disclosure: I'm at least 25% Swede. The rest is purebred Italian-by-marriage, Irish, and Latvian mongrel.


  1. Swedes singing Johnny Cash?


  2. Yeah, people doing crazy things on video. Insane!

  3. Pretty good stuff...but I think you're right, they did act more like norwegians :-) I would know...ha!

    also...I think I'm still hypnotized by the mayfly gods eyes.

  4. Kinda like driving by a head on collision between a car full of clowns and a car full of pentacostal snake handlers. Snakes and red rubber noses strewn about...you want to look the other way, but you can't.

    very odd...but strangely entertaining. Thanks Steve...that crazy chant will be in my head all day and I have a meeting with the mayor in two hours.

  5. Marc: I hate when that happens. Yeah, that tune is catchy.

    Sanders: A colleague in TU is a Norwegian. We have good fun going back and forth.