Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Need an 8 wt Rod?

I find myself with one eight weight rod too many. I know, you're thinking "He must be daft. Or worse. How can one ever have too many of any rod weight?"

With the discipline of a Buddhist Shaolin Monk I've decided to limit myself to only two of any single weight rod and I'm now at three of these things. For those of you who are struggling with the math, that's one too many. I could convert it to some incredible Kung Fu weapon, but instead I'll sell it to defray the cost of this miserable habit of ours.

My discipline leads to your good fortune (yes, I got that out of a fortune cookie).

If your arsenal requires an eight weight rod, visit ebay. Bid on the rod. Shipping fees waived for Sipping Emergers readers.

For those of you wondering the particulars, it's a Orvis Frequent Flyer 908-7 , 9' 8 wt seven piece rod used only once (catching nothing as Jonny can attest).


  1. I like the ebay ad. I didn't know you were allowed to be funny on ebay.

    I have two 8 weights already, and my strategy is much as yours - hence, no need for another. Sorry.

  2. I should have fished that rod twice. I could have worked in some claim of expertise.

  3. Certainly, you made more than one cast, right?

    "I have found the Orvis Freqent Flyer an ideal rod for steelhead fishing. It casts nicely, and I've never had a problem landing a steelhead on it."

    This is almost too easy.

  4. I am in awe of your genius, sir.

    "The Orvis Frequent Flyer 9' 8 wt rod has satisfied all my saltwater fly fishing needs. I have never had a problem landing Makos, Mermaids or Bottlenose Dolphins on it."

    Perhaps I've gone too far?