Friday, August 19, 2011

What is up with North Dakota?

In my quest to rule the universe become as successful fly fishing blogger garner any attention at all for my ramblings I occasionally consult the Great Google (you have to put it in caps or you risk offending the Great Google) for reports on my minions readers. It turns out there's a good number of you that I dupe attract on a regular basis especially from those hotspots of fly fishing that include Connecticut, New York, California (Tom and Keith click a lot), Massachusetts, Colorado and Ohio (one very active reader).

Yet North Dakotans balk at visiting this moderately mediocre website font of fly fishing erudition.

What's up with North Dakota? Even folks from Wyoming, with a far smaller population than North Dakota, have come here in error have jumped on board the Sipping Emergers bandwagon.

Only North Dakota can resist!
So, today I am going to seek out a North Dakotan to visit this site. Am I going to do it by publishing material that is of particular interest to those in the upper Dakota? No! Am I going to do it by asking one of you to phone a friend? No!

I'm going to do it through subterfuge! I'm going to find some blog that features North Dakota kittens or knitting or something like that and post a comment. One of those folks is sure to click on my link and I will have conquered the whole of this Union!


  1. I know that I don't count because as I am writing this, I am in CO, and currently live in CO...But I am a North Dakotan...something you never get rid of :-)

    Let me know if this counts...ha!

    ...or I could probably talk my folks into commenting on something.

  2. I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say you have an "active reader" in Ohio. More like he's frantically clicking the link in hopes of overwhelming your server, so that he can eventually take away your readers, and hear the lamentations of your women.

  3. do they have internet in North Dakota ........waterworker

  4. This is why I tell bloggers to use a self-hosted WordPress blog -- you can easily install the little-known "North Dakota" plugin, which helps you dominate the critical North Dakota readership.

  5. Water - I was wondering the same thing.
    TC - I've been waiting for a compelling reason to move to Wordpress. Not sure this is it.

    UPDATE: Seeds have been sown on irrelevant North Dakota blogs.

  6. Sean: I'm going to count you as an honorary North Dakotan. Now if I can just get Google to count that.

  7. E.J. - No Doubt.
    T.J. - I've been wondering about him.