Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Sips: Phenology & Steelhead Barbie

  • John Gierach, Poet Phenologist (via Midcurrent). I've heard Phenology referenced in a couple of TU meeting presentations, my buddy Jon clued me into the link between Forsythia blooms and Striper runs, and now Marc does a deeper dive on the subject. There's one small stream I fish where sulphurs and wild grapes ripening coincide. Steamy summer evenings, fish splashing in cold water at little yellow sailboats, and the heavy smell of ripe grapes. Perfect!
  • If you don't read Gray's, you should. Outstanding stuff in there. Even when I read the hunting issue, which isn't my passion, I nevertheless find great literature. Editor James Babb does an interview with Marshall Cutchin on Midcurrent. I've only been Steelheading once (I'll correct that this fall) but this is a keeper:  
"We believe that flies are meant to imitate life and steelhead flies are essentially meant to imitate a Barbie Doll’s fashion accessories—especially if you appreciate purple Easter bunnies with black feather boas and red clown noses."


  1. The barbie doll quote is priceless...ha!

  2. Definitely captures the essence of Steelhead flies. The first fly I fished up on the Salmon was a pink monstrosity.