Monday, July 25, 2011

Fishing with Marc

Marc and I first met when we were both competing for the Trout Unlimited bloggers contest on the Outdoor Blogger Network. We’re both non-winners garnering not even an honorable mention (a point about which we both remain remarkably less than bitter. See, there’s that sarcasm again). But perhaps we took away from that event something more profound that an all expense paid trip to Montana.

From a blogging perspective we’re kindred spirts. Our blogs seem to have a similar mix of reports, commentary and sarcasm. And we both seem to enjoy fishing the same kind of water. Sure, we’ll fish a Blue Ribbon fishery if we get the chance but we do share an affinity for smaller streams that wander through rugged terrain.

Marc’s backyard is the western edge of the Smokies. Mine is the Housatonic. And yet, Marc suggested we fish together some weekend. And so we did two weeks ago. While we were fishing on two streams hundreds of miles apart, in a stroke of brilliance Marc suggested that the way to connect the two experiences was to fish the same flies. It’s something I think of as a Two-Fly Trip.

The idea of Two Fly is to select a surface and subsurface fly and fish them exclusively. Beyond that, there’re no rules. Enjoy some time on the water. Catch fish. We then agreed to collaborate on a report. That report is below. We hope you enjoy our first Two Fly trip. I hope there are more to come.

I won't repost the combined report. Head over to The Perfect Drift and read Part 1 of our combined report.

UPDATE: And also read Part 2

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