Friday, July 22, 2011

A Quick Post from the Valley

We spent a bunch of time wandering the valley yesterday. Mostly staring skyward with mouths hanging open in the standard gawking pose.

As posted the other day, I'm not sure if you're seeing these as high quality images or if this ISP here is filtering them down to something that looks more like a picture from a half mega-pixel camera phone (which is what I see when I look at blogger).

As requested by my colleague, late of Maine, these are the full size files.


  1. I like these very much not simply because they are impressive vistas; they also look like somewhere you'd half expect Cpt. James Kirk, Spock, et al to appear.

  2. Or someplace that Kahn would be exiled to. Lucky Bastard. Hope he brought a rod.

  3. ahhh...the view from Glacier Point