Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waiting for the red eye

What a week.

We just spent the morning up at Hetch Hetchy which despite being filled with water was quite impressive. Met my first rattlesnake up close and personal. A good five feet long. Can't wait to share those photos. Saw a monster trout cruising the shoreline and regretted not having a rod at hand. Yes, I love the small mountain stream fish but a giant cruising the depths does get the heart racing.

Three hour race to SFO which Ann thankfully split with me. Now overnight home.

Every time we visit one of these National Parks I am smitten by some facet. The dunes of Cape Cod are those of my youth and sharing them with my children makes me hope that they'll connect to that special place in the same way I have. The skies of Wyoming and Montana cannot be beat. And the variety of flora and fauna in Yellowstone stun ones brain as it tries to catalogue all that is seen. But Yosemite is different.

The space here feels more intimate even as the vistas spread before you. Perhaps it's because you can actually get down into each of the spaces that you see and begin to get to know them. It is also very familiar. I've seen and obsessed over photos of this place for decades and I could almost see around every corner to the next thing. And yet despite this vision it was new and exciting and evocative in a way that surprised me.

We will be boarding soon.

I must return here.

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