Sunday, July 10, 2011

Night at the Park

Last week was action packed and I'm going to deal with things a bit out of order. Monday evening, the 4th of July, great evening on the water with Ross and Seamus. That's not this story. Fast forward to Wednesday night -- Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays, fourth row behind the dugout. My Dad. My two sons. A perfect summer evening.


Changing Pitchers


It was the perfect way to see a game. Great seats. Enough action from both teams so that it was always a question of exactly how things would play out. A rally by Boston in the bottom of the 4th to put enough breathing room in the score that the fan's confidence was bolstered. Rain delay. Watching the ballet of groundskeepers covering and then uncovering the field. Seventh inning stretch. Sweet Caroline. Then, I'm shipping up to Boston. Papelbon closing things down with three strikeouts.


  1. The Great American Pastime, enjoyed by a family.

    In the greatest sports town in America.


  2. Thx, Brook. It was special to share the day with both my Dad and the boys. And, yes, there's something special about Boston. Especially Fenway.