Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Sips

  • For all those who are on the cutting edge of new casting techniques you can now demonstrate your prowess in the Shadow Cast Competition from Jazz and Fly Fishing. I think this is something at which Jonny and T.J. could really excel. via Owljones
  • Tom Chandler wrote a nice piece about not-fishing (well, that's not completely accurate, but go give it a read). As one commenter pointed out, very Gierach-esque which, in my mind, is a compliment. Tom's predicament makes me think I can't live anywhere where the snow melt lasts till July. I don't like waiting for spring rains to subside. Snow melt in July is just insane.
  • The latest issue of Fly Fishers Inc emagazine is out. Of all the entries in the field of emagazines, this is my least favorite for a variety of reasons. Mostly I think it's because there are some better magazines out there who have really nailed the mixed media offering. The reason I give this one a shout out is the following: While reading the magazine I really got turned off by the lead article "Winter Shots". Not only was I a bit underwhelmed by the photography, but seeing any photos of snowy landscapes at this point is just anathema. Yes, I know it's winter down there. But good lord, snow in July is just wrong. Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh.
  • One of my favorite magazines releases its latest issue.

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